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earrings, hair clips, hoop earrings, 

bracelets and even digital planners! 

Floral Jar Topper
Jar topper

Handmade Earrings

Shop my unique handmade polymer clay earrings. With only one of each pair made, it's guaranteed to impress!

Summer Bouquet
Summer Bouquet


Cute, light and versatile, these beaded bracelets feature various designs and colours and suit any outfit.

Rosa Bracelet
Rosa Bracelet

Special Collections

Seasonal jewellery collections inspired by nature, landscapes and colour combinations. Includes necklaces, earrings, hairclips and decorations.

Deep Dive Dangles
Deep Dive Dangles

Under £10

A curated selection of best work including earrings, bracelets and brooches - all under £10. Made for all of us who love the best of deals.

Summer flower brooch
Summer flower brooch


Brighten up your home with beautiful and detailed handmade ornaments! Featuring various different decorations.

Bag Charm
Bag Charms
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Photo credit to Richi Coraria, Anni Roenkae, Zaksheuskaya, Flora Yukhnovich  and Free creative stuff.

Birthday Presents

Need to buy a gift?

Too many exciting options to choose from? Buy your loved one a gift card and let them pick!

Here is what else you can find on my website:
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