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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirit People. Please read more about this crisis that the Indigenous communities are facing. 

Illuminative have put together a great pamphlet about why this day is so important!

Standing Rock is an ongoing movement against The Dakota Access Pipeline.

From1869 till 1960, boarding schools have continued to do tremendous harm to Native North American peoples, and the trauma, unfortunately, has surpassed generations. The link leads to an article from The Conversation.

The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition's website is a fantastic and comprehensive place to learn more about boarding schools and how you can help! 

Sovereign Bodies Institute's mission is to conduct culturally-informed and community-engaged research on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous peoples. 

Native mascots in sports have been perpetuating harmful behaviours and stereotypes. Illuminative has created some fantastic materials explaining this movement. 

Donate to:

Please consider donating to these causes, as well as following Illuminative to learn more about Indigenous Peoples.

These are only some of the challanges that Indigenous peoples are facing currently, and these are mainly in North America. There are many more struggles going on in many other places, so please also refer to official websites and channels to find out more. Also, these are just some of the websites I have found useful on these topics but feel free to browse for more!

More coming soon!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be a spokesperson for Indigenous communities in any way. I am only using my platform with the intention of uplifting Indigenous voices and raising awareness, therefore, please follow official websites and channels to learn more. Illuminative is a platform that I found particularly helpful however there are many more!

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