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Orange Eyes and Other Tales 

'What might on the surface seem a rather silly idea proves, here, an inventive and unusual premise for a novella exploring the possibilities of stream of consciousness narration, in an Absurdist, Modernist tradition.'

- Amy Sackville FRSL, Senior Lecturer at University of Kent

'This is a collection of intriguing and unusual stories. Every story offers a slant glimpse of resonant and vivid depth. They are well written: stylish and odd.'

- Kat Peddie, Lecturer at University of Kent

A collection of bold, vivid, powerful short stories that evoke intense experiences of characters who battle with their inner thoughts, feelings and desires. With abstract illustrations by the author, ‘Orange Eyes and Other Tales’, brings silliness, complexity and honesty to the character’s struggles.

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You will find all of the illustrations from my book as a well as brand new ones! Through Society6 you can now purchase my illustrations as art prints (framed or unframed), metal prints, stationary cards, face masks and much more!

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Read Stories,

the life stories of some amazing people: their craft, experiences and advice. Different people, with different occupations talking about culture and society. 

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Discover Arts&Culture:

reviews of breath-taking theatre, opera, ballet, and music performances, alongside articles about artistic expression. 

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Read Indigenous Stories,

discover the experiences, lifestyles and cultures of some amazing people! Get involved in learning about their struggles and how to show solidarity. 

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