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I am Tímea Koppándi. I was born in 1999 in a place surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes.


I have always had an interest in anything visual and how art, design and images make me feel. My thoughts have always been linked to an image, which is the reason why - as you can imagine - this website is so colourful! That is also why you will find content about art, culture and various design related works.

I am a writer, polymer clay artist and creative thinker.

What this website is about

(and why are these so many different things on it?)

Well, I started out as a writer. More of a 'it chose me rather than me choosing it' kind of thing. Over time, I realised that this is not my only tool to express myself and explore the world. So why is it here? It is still something that I actively do and I am quite proud of my written work for managing to showcase my inner thoughts. 

However, this website is so much more than that. It is a creative platform envisioned for freedom of creation and thinking. You can also find and buy my handmade creations: a mix of dexterity and vibrant designs that fill my head!

Why Borderless? 

I wanted to find an appropriate title which captured this feeling of freedom, limitlessness, and continuity. I often use the word space when I refer to thought or concept, because I view it as a field of elevating your ideas. It's like going up the stairs: you and your ideas are getting somewhere. 


Which is how I found Borderless. It has no restrictions, no point of stop and no end of progression. 

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