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I am Tímea Koppándi. I was born in 1999 in a place surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes. I have always admired the cultural beauty of the space in which I grew up, and that has inspired to me explore my cultural identity, and the concept itself.

I am a creative and visual person, which is why arts and crafts have attracted me so much. Similarly, learning about a variety of cultures has not only encouraged me to dig deeper within my culture, but also instilled a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

I am a writer, polymer clay artist and creative thinker.

What this website is about 

This website is designed to walk you through reviews, opinions, features, stories and creative pieces. But it is also a space to explore difficult topics about our own identity. A space where there are no borders to limit my thinking. 

Why Borderless? 

I wanted to find an appropriate title which captured this feeling of freedom, limitlessness, and continuity. I often use the word space when I refer to thought or concept, because I view it as a field of elevating your ideas. It's like going up the stairs: you and your ideas are getting somewhere. 


Which is how I found Borderless. It has no restrictions, no point of stop and no end of progression. 

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