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Make up is art - Sample Beauty Paradigm Shift Palette Vol II Review

I have always loved colour. More than ever, the Western world of beauty is embracing intense complex colourful make-up looks, and this palette is just what my make-up kit needed.. This palette is designed for the colours to be mixed, mimicking the experience of painting, enabling you to obtain your desired look. With the Paradigm Shift Palette Vol II, a cohesive look becomes a creative exercise: the mix-and-match you can play with the colours in this palette, allowing you to explore your inner artist.

I have owned this palette since January 2020, and here are my favourite parts of this purchase:

1. Range of Colours

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of colour choices. This palette offers 35 shades: out of which 30 are mattes and 5 are shimmers. All of these shades blend beautifully, allowing you to create a large variety of looks. Most of the shades are quite creamy and offer a great pigment. I have had a few issues with the two purples on the top row being a bit dry, but nevertheless they provide good coverage and pigment.

2. Intensity

An artist requires control of their colour, and this palette gives you just that. You are in full control of so many aspects of your look. A difficulty that I have with incredibly pigmented products is controlling the intensity

of the colour and your look. Despite the fact that it is a very pigmented palette, I have never struggled with the intensity that I wish to achieve. For example, I prefer well blended looks with subtle overlaying of shades, and this product definitely can do that – showcasing just how bespoke the palette can be for its user.

3. Diversity of textures

The mattes of this palette are great: no fallout, great pigment, easy blending and long lasting. However, the shimmers are even better! After comparing them with the high end palettes that I also own, I have found that the quality of these shimmers are just as good or even better. The shine is so beautiful and compact, that it doesn’t move across your lid. The shades of the shimmers are really well picked, as you are able to do softer, natural looks, as well as stunning, evening ones. So, you do get the best of both worlds.

4. Concept

Ultimately, I consider make-up an art. As a make-up enthusiast, I see make-up products as materials and resources to come up with creative looks. The Sample Beauty Paradigm Shift Palette was created with this in mind, and I absolutely love it! I think it has a perfect space in the market for creative make-up enthusiasts, and it can also adapt to those who prefer warmer-toned neutral looks or no make-up looks.

Overall, I really love this product. The packaging is simple, sleek and the palette is quite light – which I have found useful whilst travelling. While the strength of the magnet does wear down over time, it isn’t a major inconvenience. It retails for £30, which I think is a fair price for the benefits and quality of the product. So, if you’re looking to create your next make-up masterpiece, I’d definitely recommend the Sample Beauty Paradigm Shift Vol II palette!


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