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Sharing my favourite art moments of 2022

BVLGARI's Serpenti Metamorphosis by Refik Anadol at the Saatchi Gallery

Shown for the first time at the gallery, this immersive exhibition has managed to capture my attention not only because of its hypnotising visuals, but also because of the intriguing method of creation: an AI generated video which has trained on more than 200 million images of nature, in order to mimic the 'infinite intricacies of an ever-changing snake, showcasing its continuous rebirth and evolution.'


ONGOING till 16 Apr - V&A's Africa Fashion exhibition

I have absolutely loved this exhibtion and would highly recommend it! The exhibition first takes you through a short history of African fashion and textiles, followed by a catapult into the contemporary African fashion scene on the second floor. It showcases the amazing work of ingenious fashion designers and creatives, while highlighting the global impact of African Fashion and its dynamism.


ONGOING till 26 Feb - Barbican's 'Rebel Rebel' showing Soheila Sokhanvari's artworks

With each painting captivating your gaze, this small but rich exhibition brings forward the rarely told stories of glamorous female cultural figures from Iran whose pursuit of creative careers lead to various paths. It is a powerful exhibition commenting on gender, politics, freedoms and culture.


Ashmolean's exhibition dedicated to Pissarro, as Father of Impressionism

Gathering 120 works with 8 being shown for the first time in the UK, this exhibition showcases Pissarro's works with the aim of revealing his art as the galvanising force behind modern art's progression, while also bringing to light intimate details of his family life and their artistic talents.


ONGOING till 25 Jun - V&A's 'Hallyu! The Korean Wave'

Bringing together many exhibits of popular culture staples such as the bathroom (yes, the whole bathroom) from Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite' and Aespa's outfits amongst many others, this exhibition gives you a very through exploration of South Korean history and identity, spanning across fashion, film, music and beauty. It's a really fun and thorough exhibition, covering everything from old South Korean films to K Beauty.


British Museum and Citi's 'Feminine power the divine to the demonic'

An exciting survey of femininity, female power across a span on mythologies and cultures, and women in society, this exhibition really made me think about its themes and spend a considerable amount engrossed in its exhibits and insightfully placed quotes. This particular piece - a sculpture of Lilith by Kiki Smith - drew me in the most, as when you open the website of exhibition the sculpture's gaze is terrifying, with the added gory element of me questioning whether it was real flesh I was seeing or not.


Courtauld's impressive display of Van Gogh's portraits

Well, everything you need to know was pretty much in the title: The Courtauld has brought together16 of Van Gogh's self-portraits for the first time, giving you a great glimpse into the artist's personal and professional evolution.


'Portrait' by Sever Frentiu on permanent display in Art Museum in Brasov

One of my personal favourites, this painting is unreal in real life and it's hard to capture its effect in this photo. Not only is it hard to believe that it's a painting, but also filled with symbolism at every glance, much of which hasn't been desciphered.


Flora Yukhnovich at Victoria Miro

And lastly another one of my favourites, a Flora Yukhnovich exhibition of these large and gorgeous canvasses. I have previously written an article about her work (you can check it out here), but if you're interested in Old Masters art with a contemporary twist, way more pastels and contemporary social critique, this one is for you!

Hope you have enjoyed this round-up and are feeling inspired to see some exhibitions for the new year, or if not, hope it was a fun read!

Written by Tímea Koppándi


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